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Musically Inspired Appointment

Wow! There are just sometimes you get the amazing opportunity to meet with people that have nothing but true passion for their dream.

I just finished up an appointment with an inspiring individual who wants to track some vocals and make a demo CD of all self-written music. Through out the conversation I just found my self getting more and more excited at the different possibilities and prospects for this artist. The Latin inspired songs are a culmination of sounds ranging from Mark Anthony to Aventura and everywhere in between.

Once we can sit down and hammer out some tracks I am sure this dreamer will go far. It is just refreshing to be able to talk to someone that gets you excited about THEIR projects. Its all too often I talk to people that want to do this and wish they could do that, but let the practical burdens gets in the way.

I will definitely keep you posted with this potentially on-going work! Have a great weekend!



Nouveau Deco Video

A short while ago I was talking with Allison Nance of Blessed Events and we had discussed throwing together a quick sort of ‘promo’ slide show that captured her latest conceptual concoction.

Allison had been working on all the details of this concept shoot for quite sometime and had set up a bunch of great vendors and locations to capture the ‘event’. An up and coming photographer stepped in to shoot the specifics, and she was gracious enough to let me use her images in the slide show.

Now once I got Allison into the studio for some voice overs, I got the chance to play around with the new set up and record some different takes with varying levels and mic placements. Luckily she’s my wife and not a paying client, so I felt like she could stand me being annoying and geeked out with my mic set-up; more so than others.

We finally settled on something that sounded right and what she was looking for. A nice quiet voice track with some smoother highs and an attempt at getting a nice warm low tone. (Although a bit of processing was needed later).

I guess in the end she was about 4 1/2 inches from the mic grill and behind a pop filter. I think it ended up sounding nice. I now have a few other pieces of gear in mind down the road >:)

Anyway, the audio capturing went well and was a fairly quick process. A few retakes, but nothing out of the ordinary. It was finished after some processing and ready to be thrown into Premiere. Other elements I was fortunate to be able to use is the background track. It’s an amazing track from ‘Quantic’ who was nice enough to let me incorporate it into this project. (If you guys like the music, check him out…)

Premiere was eventually my downfall though! 😦 I’m only running Audition and was planning on doing the whole project in a trail version of the program. Well this and that happened and life got busy so I had stopped working on it for a few weeks… Low and behold my trail had expired… and now that Adobe has gotten tricky and registered every user as well as downloads, it’s not as easy as re-installing and mounting a new trial version anymore.

I’ve never been a good pirate or thief so I left that option behind, I knew I’d only screw something up or kill my computer. So I just finagled to use a version of Premiere at work and viola! I finally finished three days before she needed it! Whew! that was close.

So quick, time crunch edits became the name of the game…

Vendors and Guests from the credits include:

Blessed Events

Simply Delicious Deserts

Sun Kissed Designs

Dulche Life Photography


JBX Studios

Dazzling Bouquets

Kalart and Design

Quanitc (musician)

Thanks for checking it out. It’s always a blast!


The pieces are coming together!

Whew! Well First off let me say Happy Memorial Day weekend! I hope everyone is celebrating  and honoring the real life Captain Americas and Iron Men. *side note: I saw The Avengers for the first time last night… I know I’m late seeing it, but I finally got to indulge my nerd side for a bit. IT…WAS…AWESOME!

Anyways, I woke up this morning wanting to try to finish this project that I am working on. Alas I need Premiere to finish it and my trial had run out literally two days ago, so I am stuck. So I did the next best thing. I decided to finish up the sound booth for my ADR set up. It ended up working out pretty well. I had all the materials:

Screen : Mount : Cables (various in kind) : Brush Plates : Drill : Saw : Screw driver

First up was mounting the screen. It kind of threw me for a loop since the mount is ment to be hung vertically, and I already had a pretty sweet cross stud going horizontally. No matter! A little jerry-rigging and it was mounted up how I wanted. The only down side is the mobility of the mount itself. It is a nice swing arm set up that can extend and rotate… for the size of the booth I made the sacrifice and gave up those features.

Next step was to do the all too tedious cable placement (I say tedious, it took about 45 mins). I broke out the drill to get a pilot hole started and the drywall actually just sort of fell apart.

Once the rough cuts were out of the way I just had to get everything in line to pass through.

Finally VOILA! I now have a pretty sweet ADR-ish set up. The screen is basically an extension of my working monitor, so everything I am doing can be viewed in the booth. Apart from a few tweaks to the wiring and layout, it’s about there.

The pieces are coming together!

Thanks and take care,



Okay… okay… I’ve done it again. has had yet another make over. Right after publishing the first flash version through wix, I got some feedback here and there about it. I liked the flash site, I think that format has the potential to be a little more dynamic than standard HTML.

That being said flash sites are finicky. The animations didn’t work 100% of the time, and they would react differently in various browsers. (It could have been user error, which has been known to happen with me…but that’s beside the point) :).

Anyways, its done for the third time. It has a little classier feel to it now. Please check it out and let me know your thoughts!

You stay classy *insert your location here*


New mic set up!

Well I meant to get to this post before I left to Milan. (I will make another post and add some pictures for all the Italian stuff…)

Just before leaving I started to put together a better voice set-up in the booth, and I finally finished it this morning and got the video monitor working and the sound ‘some what’ dialed in. I haven’t fully played around with it.

I plan on making the wiring a little better by running them through that wall behind the screen. Since it was just a test run I think it was a success!

So we’re all set up for with the AKG 420. It seems to have a great range from what I have played with so far. I think this will prove to be a great all-around vocal mic.

Take it easy,