Musically Inspired Appointment

Wow! There are just sometimes you get the amazing opportunity to meet with people that have nothing but true passion for their dream.

I just finished up an appointment with an inspiring individual who wants to track some vocals and make a demo CD of all self-written music. Through out the conversation I just found my self getting more and more excited at the different possibilities and prospects for this artist. The Latin inspired songs are a culmination of sounds ranging from Mark Anthony to Aventura and everywhere in between.

Once we can sit down and hammer out some tracks I am sure this dreamer will go far. It is just refreshing to be able to talk to someone that gets you excited about THEIR projects. Its all too often I talk to people that want to do this and wish they could do that, but let the practical burdens gets in the way.

I will definitely keep you posted with this potentially on-going work! Have a great weekend!



About trickyfly

I LOVE all things sound related. I think sound and audio are the most under appreciated / most taken for granted aspects of our everyday life. So recording, mixing, and mastering are not so much work to me, they are FUN! I have a gorgeous wife and I am a sucker for animals (mostly dogs, but other animals occasionally sneak in there ). Music & Video games are essential! And I will never turn down pizza! View all posts by trickyfly

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