Paranormal Ohio

What is up everyone?!? It feels like it has been a long time since my last post (I hope I’m not making a trend of this), so I figured I would throw a little update out there regarding a recent project that I was fortunate enough to be able to help out with.

A good friend of mine was working on this photo / multimedia project that was delving into a slightly creepy side of things. Apparently in and around Athens Ohio there exist some of the most haunted places in America. So the project was attempting to tell a few of the tales accompanied by re-enacted photos of the situation or location.

After the photo work was done, he contacted me about throwing together some sound fx to give a little more ‘punch’ to the imagery. Of course I was completely pumped about this idea! I have always admired the behind-the-scenes audio fx work; it has always sounded so fun. You get to take an image (be it film or still) and give life to it by way of sound.

Shortly after we spoke, I grabbed some gear and I was jotting down ideas and trying different things out to see what would work. I didn’t have a ton of specifics on the project, so I decided to throw together sort of a demo track of our combined efforts in order to get ideas out there.

The project was still underway, so the imagery and order was evolving into the final product. After using a lot of the fx that were cut and compiled on his end the final project came out well. I had a ton of fun being creepy and trying to sound like it. Haha!

Thanks so much for checking it out! Take Care



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I LOVE all things sound related. I think sound and audio are the most under appreciated / most taken for granted aspects of our everyday life. So recording, mixing, and mastering are not so much work to me, they are FUN! I have a gorgeous wife and I am a sucker for animals (mostly dogs, but other animals occasionally sneak in there ). Music & Video games are essential! And I will never turn down pizza! View all posts by trickyfly

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