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To focus or not to focus?

After thoroughly immersing myself in everything Olympics (as most of us do every 2 or 4 years); and just sort of always having it on (regardless of the sport), I sometimes wander off on random tangents. One of these random thoughts came after watching the ever-so-popular swimming events, and the fact that a lot of the swimmers wore headphones out to the pool.

I always thought in the back of my mind that this was kind of cool, and subconsciously a good marketing tool. Michael Phelps was sporting a brand I had never heard of before “Sol Republic”:

Not to mention more than a couple were showing pride for the “Beats”; the well-known brand brought to us by Dr. Dre himself.

As far as athletes that jam out (up to) seconds before an event, it seems as if swimmers are the only ones to do so… On camera no less, for everyone to see. Is this planned? or are these sport stars just enjoying the music?

I realize this is probably a technique to remain focused and in the zone, so as not let the Olympic vibe put the pressure on. Having said that, does it work? The sheer volume of the crowd in a place like a swimming arena is so deafening, that I could not imagine how a set of mid-range headphones plugged into an MP3 player could over power it. I realize that the Beats are significant in that they have the noise cancellation feature in the ‘studio’ style phones. However, my audiophile side says “meh, this probably doesn’t make a difference”, between the distortion from the noise cancellation and the crowd, the sound quality is going to be diminished anyways.

By the ‘official’ admission of Phelps, he was not paid to wear them in front of the cameras or be a spokesperson for the brand. So if there is truly no planned marketing or sponsorship gimmick at play here; I am sort of curious…

Why predominantly swimmers? Because it’s one of the most watched sports?

Why mainly the big teams/names where them? Because that’s where the focus is going to be?

Are they just being awesome and rocking out before their event? Can they actually hear the music?

Like I said, by no means am I trying to nick-pick the issue. I just found it curious, and sort of feel the urge to go pick up a pair of “Sol Republic” headphones to see how they sound.

What are your thoughts? Anyone have any experience with the Sol Republics they would like to share?

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Musically Inspired Appointment

Wow! There are just sometimes you get the amazing opportunity to meet with people that have nothing but true passion for their dream.

I just finished up an appointment with an inspiring individual who wants to track some vocals and make a demo CD of all self-written music. Through out the conversation I just found my self getting more and more excited at the different possibilities and prospects for this artist. The Latin inspired songs are a culmination of sounds ranging from Mark Anthony to Aventura and everywhere in between.

Once we can sit down and hammer out some tracks I am sure this dreamer will go far. It is just refreshing to be able to talk to someone that gets you excited about THEIR projects. Its all too often I talk to people that want to do this and wish they could do that, but let the practical burdens gets in the way.

I will definitely keep you posted with this potentially on-going work! Have a great weekend!


Paranormal Ohio

What is up everyone?!? It feels like it has been a long time since my last post (I hope I’m not making a trend of this), so I figured I would throw a little update out there regarding a recent project that I was fortunate enough to be able to help out with.

A good friend of mine was working on this photo / multimedia project that was delving into a slightly creepy side of things. Apparently in and around Athens Ohio there exist some of the most haunted places in America. So the project was attempting to tell a few of the tales accompanied by re-enacted photos of the situation or location.

After the photo work was done, he contacted me about throwing together some sound fx to give a little more ‘punch’ to the imagery. Of course I was completely pumped about this idea! I have always admired the behind-the-scenes audio fx work; it has always sounded so fun. You get to take an image (be it film or still) and give life to it by way of sound.

Shortly after we spoke, I grabbed some gear and I was jotting down ideas and trying different things out to see what would work. I didn’t have a ton of specifics on the project, so I decided to throw together sort of a demo track of our combined efforts in order to get ideas out there.

The project was still underway, so the imagery and order was evolving into the final product. After using a lot of the fx that were cut and compiled on his end the final project came out well. I had a ton of fun being creepy and trying to sound like it. Haha!

Thanks so much for checking it out! Take Care