48 Hr. Film Race-Houston

Surprisingly they were closer together than I thought. (The 24 hr race and the 48 hr race). It snuck up on me pretty quickly. I received a call from a contact I have been trying to work with for sometime now and he said that they are getting a team together for this 48 hr race and would I like to be a part of it. OF COURSE!   Field work and working on a film crew are strenuous, but incredibly fun things to get to do.

In such a short time span it’s always sort of a guerrilla type operation. Everything is rough, disorganized (to an extent) and rushed.

When I first got there we still lacked a solid location for some of the shots in the story, so it was up to me and another of the crew to find a spot that could work. I think the mood was dingy, run-down, dirty & undesirable… well

This place had all of those things in spades… we found this little truck stop motel off of I-45 that would pretty much just make your skin crawl if you had to stay there.

It was perfect. Haha! So after a full day of shooting there and a few other locations we had everything except a few short scenes.

All the filming at this location and around town on Saturday burnt up half of the 48 hrs, and editing was still needing to be done. Regardless everyone was tired and went their separate ways only to meet up again in  5 hours to finish everything up. So the short break came and went all too fast, and we met up at the studio again to finish some shots.

Unfortunately I had to split for some meetings and appointments I had else where in town, so I didn’t get to help run boom on the final scenes. However, I did get word that everything was completed, it looked great and it was turned in on time. SUCCESS!

It was a ton of fun getting to run audio for this. The crew was really cool and dynamic together, and we were graciously hosted by a local studio and producer from Pixel Lion Studios. Check out their page on Vimeo. Pixellion Studios.

Take Care!



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