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The pieces are coming together!

Whew! Well First off let me say Happy Memorial Day weekend! I hope everyone is celebrating  and honoring the real life Captain Americas and Iron Men. *side note: I saw The Avengers for the first time last night… I know I’m late seeing it, but I finally got to indulge my nerd side for a bit. IT…WAS…AWESOME!

Anyways, I woke up this morning wanting to try to finish this project that I am working on. Alas I need Premiere to finish it and my trial had run out literally two days ago, so I am stuck. So I did the next best thing. I decided to finish up the sound booth for my ADR set up. It ended up working out pretty well. I had all the materials:

Screen : Mount : Cables (various in kind) : Brush Plates : Drill : Saw : Screw driver

First up was mounting the screen. It kind of threw me for a loop since the mount is ment to be hung vertically, and I already had a pretty sweet cross stud going horizontally. No matter! A little jerry-rigging and it was mounted up how I wanted. The only down side is the mobility of the mount itself. It is a nice swing arm set up that can extend and rotate… for the size of the booth I made the sacrifice and gave up those features.

Next step was to do the all too tedious cable placement (I say tedious, it took about 45 mins). I broke out the drill to get a pilot hole started and the drywall actually just sort of fell apart.

Once the rough cuts were out of the way I just had to get everything in line to pass through.

Finally VOILA! I now have a pretty sweet ADR-ish set up. The screen is basically an extension of my working monitor, so everything I am doing can be viewed in the booth. Apart from a few tweaks to the wiring and layout, it’s about there.

The pieces are coming together!

Thanks and take care,



The Pope’s peachy promenade to Mexico (with contrast)

Well, it has been a long time coming. My best friend just got hitched, and invited us along for their awesome union taking place in Playa Del Carmen Mexico! It was a blast and I was just glad I got the chance to be a part of their day. They have been together for a number of years now, and definitely felt they had to do this thing in a big way. Well figuratively… I think the total head count was only like 18 people including the photographer (who happens to be another best friend who rocks the shizzy when it comes to photos). Anyways, they had a really great resort, right along the coast in Playa Del Carmen. They had the ceremony and dance floor set up right on that big sandy chunk.

Their wedding march started and the tears continued…

After that, it was a heck of a party that went into the night with a bunch of white kids dancing to the Cupid Shuffle, and not caring. Oh sweet humiliation… you are not following me to Mexico too. haha

So I guess I just wanted to say Congrats! to my best friends and much love!

Now for the contrast… actually its just more of a sad comparison… During a day trip to Tulum we got the chance to tour around the old ruins and swim on one of the most magnificent beaches I have ever seen. Gorgeous blue water, soft sand, all set on a cool looking hill-side.

The waves and beach were amazing. So after getting to voyage out of my routine life for a bit and get to see a friend get married and lay on ‘nice’ beaches all day. It spoiled my wife and I, now we have to re-adjust our beaches here.

No Comparison…

Moral of the story, get married on the beach and make sure it’s beautiful enough to make all of your friends jealous.

Take care!


24 Hr Film Race-Houston

Whooo! Just got back from shooting a short film all last night with the 24 Hr film team. I am actually really excited I got to be a part of something like this, it was an awesome time with awesome folks. I havent stayed up for more than 32 hours in a long time. So sort of delirious, sort of numb, but hey its all part of it.

I actually got a call from a friend of mine who offered me the opportunity to get involved in this project. The 24 Hour Film Race is basically a timed project, where everything from writing and conception alllll the way to post production. Let me tell you… 24 hours is NOT a lot of time to work the whole scope of a film.

So I arrived only 15 minutes after the comity had passed down our ‘theme’ ‘prop’ and ‘action’.

Those seemed like a challenging set of guidelines! I definitely let the writers handle this one! My input was not needed here. haha Although when it came to audio and the equipment… for the lack of a better term… it was a crap shoot.

I have no previous experience with the gear I am using, and I am running the audio show (mainly) alone; there were a couple bad asses that helped me out. Not to mention that the story just now has been decided, so the location of the shoot could be anywhere (micing various environments takes a certain amount of planning and preparation… not to mention testing mic placements, levels, etc…) Well no time for that… We had to go go go if we were going to meet the dead line.

So the race officially began last night at 10pm EST (or 9p in Texas). So they must have submissions in by 8:59 tonight!  The editors job has only just begun, and I feel super bad cause I know how tired I am right now… but the guys that are editing were up along with us all night wearing various ‘production set’ related hats.

It wasn’t without the ups and downs though! First off, we had a slight hiccup with the equipment… It was in a Suburban out front of the building, and the keys had been locked inside! Sort of threw everyone off about 30 minutes… but luckily we had a band of car thieves in the bunch.

This was everything we needed for the night (minus the lighting kits… i think).

And I guess my hiccup was not knowing the gear prior to using it… So all adjustments were on the fly and I felt bad for ending up with about 1/3 of the audio garbaged up.

Lastly just as we were all packing up and dumping all of the audio and video to the editing stations… We realized that one of the cards we had been shooting to was corrupted. That sent tempers off after a LONG night. So I guess the editors have some critical and creative thinking ahead of them 🙂

Anyways there are going to be lots more pictures and I hope to get a copy of the submission after tonight and I will try to update with all those goodies.

Update (post sleep): The film was finished and turned in on time. Man they must have worked crazy hard to get it done, knowing that they had been awake as long as everyone else. The premiere  screening for all the chosen films in Houston will be on June 28th at the Landmark River Oaks Theatre.

Take Care



Okay… okay… I’ve done it again. has had yet another make over. Right after publishing the first flash version through wix, I got some feedback here and there about it. I liked the flash site, I think that format has the potential to be a little more dynamic than standard HTML.

That being said flash sites are finicky. The animations didn’t work 100% of the time, and they would react differently in various browsers. (It could have been user error, which has been known to happen with me…but that’s beside the point) :).

Anyways, its done for the third time. It has a little classier feel to it now. Please check it out and let me know your thoughts!

You stay classy *insert your location here*